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The only collaboration of leaders dedicated to maximizing ministry potential by meeting nonprofit challenges with business perspective to advance kingdom work

Thousands of ministries are in need of Kingdom-minded business leaders

Each day, ministries are facing obstacles that hinder their impact of Christ’s Kingdom. Ranging from logistics and operations to networking and finances, these ministries are in desperate need of today’s business men and women.

Meet the Barnabas Group

Through The Barnabas Group, partners are responding to their God-given calling, capitalizing on their unique experiences in business and life, to maximize ministry potential.


Ministries are chosen with great care, reviewed and vetted prior to presenting opportunities for service. Partners can trust the ministries are Christ-focused and responsibly run.

God Focused

Ultimately, we desire to expand God’s Kingdom and grow stronger in relationship with Him. We do that by using our skills and passions to team up with exceptional ministries in meaningful ways.


We ask ministries to be upfront with their specific needs, and go boldly forth with the hope of changing the world with our God-given gifts and divine appointments.

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Our Unique Approach

Since 2000, God has been using the Barnabas Group to make a powerful impact on ministries around the corner and around the globe. Too many great individuals and organizations support ministries primarily with their checkbook. Barnabas realized ministry-minded people could provide so much more.


Attend an event

Our ministry’s core is our quarterly events, connecting marketplace leaders to ministries, but local and abroad.


Listen to presentations

We invite 3-6 ministries to give a short presentation on what they are doing and how you can help.


Connect with presenters at their discretion

After the event, attendees connect with presenters to see how their time, talent and contacts could support their work.

Barnabas has provided me a forum with exposure to impactful Christian ministries where I have been able to leverage my time, talent and treasure. It’s also been a great place to meet and build friendships with other Christian Kingdom leaders who have a similar worldview, values and objectives.

Mark Klopp, SF Bay Area Chapter

Barnabas is a place where I can see what God is doing all around the world with His body, the Body of Christ. My Vision has been expanded as I witness the expansion of God’s Kingdom on earth. I have learned the power of Christians working together, using their gifts and talents for the growth of their ministry and the flourishing of the world. Barnabas gives me hope that the completion of the Great Commission is within reach, as God uses his Church to accomplish his ends.

Carl LaBarbera, Orange County Chapter

For me, the most Spiritually inspiring actions of Barnabas has been its commitment to acts of "intentionality" in recruiting ALL races and people groups to participate; they revere the fact that ALL people groups and cultures are reflective of God's Kingdom, and therefore reaching all people groups is a value and goal! Along with the commitment to helping ministries flourish, the commitment to embracing richness from ALL peoples, is a true testament of Barnabas' incredible ministry.

Kevin McGary, SF Bay Area Chapter

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If you do not have a chapter in your area, contact our National Managing Partner , for information on how to start one.

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