Since 2000, God has been using The Barnabas Group to make a powerful impact on ministries around the corner and around the globe. Too many great individuals and organizations support ministries primarily with their checkbook. The Barnabas Group realized ministry-minded people could provide so much more if given an opportunity to use their network, time, unique abilities, giftings and resources to help ministries that reflect their true passions. The result is a truly dynamic organization that stays fresh, exciting, and highly relevant to its Partners, ministries and communities it serves.

I just felt the calling to do something bigger, something global. When the ministries presented, I just saw connections everywhere.

Our Events

At these quarterly meetings, pre-vetted, Kingdom-focused ministries share their vision, needs, challenges and opportunities, providing Barnabas Partners an opportunity to come alongside and assist. The needs of presenting ministries at these events are always diverse, and we find a refreshing consistency in our Partners’ passion to serve with integrity and focus. In addition, we hold a few special events throughout the year to promote Partner and ministry fellowship.

  • Powerful impact on ministries
  • Partner and ministry fellowship promotion
  • Ministry-minded Partners and partners
  • Effective opportunities to serve
  • Select ministries present to Partners
  • Leverage from marketyplace leaders
  • Eternal, nationwide and community impact
  • Event purpose sets Partners apart

Our Values


A personal commitment to be authentic and sincere followers of Jesus the Messiah; people who know, love, and serve the Lord and Savior of our world.


A personal commitment first to God the Caller, then as faithful stewards, engaging our unique abilities and gifts with a Kingdom purpose in service to Him.


A personal commitment to be better than our nature demonstrating Christian virtue and integrity where our stated values match our choices and actions.


A personal commitment to work together and to collaborate in order to leverage relationships for the greatest Kingdom impact and outcome.